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         Contra Costa, and Alameda Counties
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After School
Harding & Fairmont Lego Robotics After School Programs

 Investigative Lab #1 Assignment

After building the 5 Minute Bot, the student investigators programmed their MindStorm 2.0 Robots to travel to the center line of the Challenge Mat, and stop the wheels exactly on the line.  The first set of trials were "guess & check" using the Seconds duration Movement Configuration in the Programming Interface.


     The Camp was divided into teams of 2 without regard to age.  Each team build a 5 Minute Bot using the MindStorm 2.0 NXTPrograms.COM software.  The build instruction are pictures only, without text.
     Once the 5 Minute Bot has been built, the team proceeded to program the Robot using the NXT-G software stored on each team's Laptop.  Each computer is a stand-alone unit, without an Internet Connection required.
     To complete the trial run, only one "Move" Block instruction is used.  The Investigators then "guess & check" the number of Seconds it will take the Robot to travel to the center line by first guessing, then activating the Robot in the "Starting Block" on the Challenge Mat, and seeing how close their estimate is to stopping on the Center Line of the Mat.
     Multiple trials are necessary to obtain the precise cession of movement to the Center Line of the Challenge Mat before an exact stopping point is achieved for each team's Robot, completing the Lab correctly.
     The precise Seconds Data is then Logged onto their Assignment Sheets before each Team moves on to the next Investigative Lab.   
     By completing all the Investigative Labs, the Students learn to measure distances, controlling the Robot to reach the various points on the Challenge Mat using Seconds, Rotations, & Degrees effectively. 
     These Investigative Labs provide actual "Real-World" experiences that act as an "Anchor" for their "Neural Network" to begin growing, allowing for real understanding of the Definition & Differences between Seconds, Rotations, & Degrees.
     These Anchors translate directly into comprehension of these quantities during their regular classes in Math, Science, & Physics, because they have learned it from real world interaction with the Lego MindStorm Robots.

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